Hi! I'm Stephen

CIO, project manager, freelance scientist, father

At Work

I currently am working for the LA County Registrar/Recorder as a voting systems analyst. I find ways to analyze and improve the software to make sure that the county crew is able to get voters registered, polling places up and ballots counted.

I also own and direct 2 Pound, a small technology consultancy firm that specializes in the more extreme aspects of lean project management.

As a Producer at computer gaming giant Electronic Arts, I worked my way up from quality control and testing to the management and development of multimillion dollar international software projects.

In addition to my technology experience, I am co-owner of Sunstruction Inc, a boutique Home Performance Contracting firm specializing in sustainability, where I fight to fix the hole in the world’s ozone layer one house at a time.

And as faculty at FullSail college I initiated project-based design and coding skills to a new generation of game developers.

My diverse interests have led to a large knowledge base across multiple domains. I am a generalist with multiple areas of specialization. This means I am able to use varied techniques across disciplines/domains. In other words, by operating from the gestalt of my knowledge base I find unique solutions, analyzing a problem from the whole as a system not just as parts. This intellectual creativity is not only a distinct advantage but provides life engagement and enjoyment.

In the World

Out in the world I'm a data-driven environmental explorer, synthesizing large data sets to uncover myths in order to make fact-based decisions. I'm also a politically tuned observer and actor on local issues.

I'm currently on the June 7th ballot running for LA County Committee Member in Assembly District 54. I stand for the high ideals of getting money out of politics, bringing families livable wages, combating climate change, addressing income and wealth inequality, pursuing racial justice and humane immigration policies, women's rights, affordable housing, and bringing about free and universal education.

I founded Baldwin Hills Oil Watch to protect my community. I listen to our skies as an appointed member of the LA Airport Community Noise Roundtable and dove head first into water resource issues while running for West Basin Water Board.

With my kids and family I find I'm much too busy to ever practice my trumpet. Not one for the limelight, my artistic interests shine in lighting up the occasional opera. When I'm not tinkering with cars, computers or our political structure I create pies and chocolates from my little cottage in suburban Culver City.

Get In Touch

These are my online personas; feel free to get in touch and say hello!

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